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  • AUSTRALIA,South Australia,Western Australia
  • Max 0 passengers
  • Perth Exmouth
  • Private van, walking.
  • Standard hotel (3 nts), basic hotels (3 nts), swag camping (2 nts), basic cabin (1 nt).

There’s so much that’s awesome about Australia that it’s hard to nail down what’s best. We think we’ve managed to do it on this 10-day trip from Perth up the coast to Exmouth. We pack in plenty of authentic Aussie experiences, from spotting tons of native wildlife to taking canoe tours with Aboriginal guides and learning about their legends. See the marine life at Shark Bay, check out the stromatolites, explore Cape Range National Park and more. The best? Oh, yes.

10 days From AU$ 0
From AU$ 4863 28 Days
  • AUSTRALIA,South Australia,Western Australia
  • Max 0 passengers
  • Melbourne Cairns
  • Private bus, train, maxi yacht, 4x4 vehicle, ferry, walking.
  • Hostels (17 nts), swag camping (5 nts), maxi-yacht (2 nts), underground hostel (1 nt), tent (1 nt), cabin (1 nt). All nights multi-share.

Are you ready to completely slather yourself in all things Australia? Travel to the Land Down Under and spend a month exploring everything this island nation has to offer. Start in Melbourne and move on from there to national parks, wine tastings, the Outback, beach days, sea kayaking, sailing, and loads more. Get the total Oz experience with this all-encompassing tour, who knows, you might even acquire a taste for Vegemite by the end.

28 days From AU$ 4863
From AU$ 7312 22 Days
  • AUSTRALIA,South Australia,Western Australia
  • Max 0 passengers
  • Sydney Queenstown
  • Mini-bus, plane, train, boat, walking.
  • Comfort hotels (20 nts), cruise boat (seasonal) (1 nt).

There’s no reason to have to choose between Australia and New Zealand. Experience both over 22 life-changing days. Discover iconic Sydney, fashionable Melbourne, and welcoming Auckland; stand in the presence of sacred Uluru; explore ancient rainforests; and take in all the city life, mountainscapes, glaciers, cultural moments, deserts, hot springs, and flat whites you can

22 days From AU$ 7312
  • AUSTRALIA,South Australia,Western Australia
  • Max 0 passengers
  • Melbourne Adelaide
  • Private bus
  • Hostels (4 nts, multi-share)

This might be a quick trip along the Great Ocean Road—but you’ll never feel rushed. Geared towards budget-conscious travelers looking to hit the highlights of the South Coast, this itinerary features lots of inclusions at a great price. What’s more, you’ll have lots of options to get active when you head inland to Grampians National Park. Forego the typical coach tour and experience Australia the way it was meant to be explored.

5 days From AU$ 623
From AU$ 4295 10 Days
  • iceland
  • Max 12 passengers
  • ex Reykjavik ex Reykjavik
  • Minibus
  • Guesthouse (5 nts), Hotel (4 nts)

There's a lot more to Iceland than ice (and Bjork). Ford the fjords, glaciers, volcanoes, black sands and thermal springs of this magical land in the world's far north, Discover Iceland's fascinating history on a guided tour of Reykjavik, which includes a visit to the astonishing Lutheran church of Hallgrimskirkja, The Eurasian and American tectonic plates may now be pulling apart in Thingvellir National Park, but over a thousand years ago this was the site where Iceland's first parliament came ...

10 days From AU$ 4295